3D 3Plus Virtual Reality Glasses Helmet – White

//3D 3Plus Virtual Reality Glasses Helmet – White

3D 3Plus Virtual Reality Glasses Helmet – White


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3D 3Plus Virtual Reality Glasses Helmet – White Features: 1. Transparent ‘AR’window provides Virtual Reality effect for game player without opening the lid. 2. Unique CTB and adjusted optical axis design offer more real user experience to game player. 3. T-shaped headband: It is made of lightweight material which is lighter 30% than other similar products therefore it largely reduces the pressure on your eyes. Adjusted headband applies for various people. 4. Unique optical aspherical lens technology completely eliminate dizziness and largely improve its definition. 360 degree panoramic sense enlarges the image to broaden view and largely reduce anamorphose. Customize for shortsighted people. 5. Adjusted pupil distance and object distance can meet various people is demand. The position of spherical resin lens could be adjusted by the top button on the 3D VR glass to provide better user experience. 6. Compatibility: 3.5-6.0 inch iPhone; Android; Windows mobile phones. Download VR Software in Apple App Store or Google Play. Specifications: Weight: 302g Angle: 75° Material: ABS Lens: Aspherical resin lens Cushioning material: High quality leather Definition/Visibility/Chromatism: 99%/100&/0% Compatibility: Android/IOS Application: 4.7-6 inch smart phone Package Content: 1 x VR Glasses 1 x User Manual